G-Suite Accounts


This is the main identification within the faculty. All members will able to access all faculty services using this Google Workspace account.. For emplayees to obtain an account, send an email through the head of the department to noc@pdn.ac.lk with the user information (shown below). Please note that the head of the department should send the email using his official mail account.

  • Surname with initials
  • Names represented by initials
  • Preferred user-name (at least two)
  • Designation
  • Faculty
  • Department/Unit
  • For contract / temporary positions, date of termination
  • UPF Number
  • Alternative email address (To send the new account details)
  • Mobile phone number
  • Office phone number

G-Suite Admin will create G-Suite accounts for:

  • All the staff members in the University
  • Units/Departments/Societies/Organizations of the University
  • Designations of the departments/divisions heads
  • Students in the University


  • One personal account per user.
  • UPF number is essential for creating personal accounts.
  • Official email accounts (head of the department, assistant registrars/bursars, etc.) will not have personal information. They are created only for official designations.
  • User names cannot include spaces and non-alphanumeric characters.
  • For personal accounts, your username can have the first name and last name.
  • For personal accounts, applications have to come through the head of the department.
  • For official accounts, applications have to come through an official letter.

Special Notice

We strongly recommend you use Google Workplace (GSuite) accounts only for academic activities. Further, you shall not use it to register applications or services other than those provided or recommended by the University.